Since many may have questions about some of the details of "The Difference", I am compiling the following Frequently Asked Questions list. Most answers have been provided by Joe Taylor, Jr., line producer for "The Difference".

Where can I hear "The Difference"?

See the station listings.

Can I get a preview of the shows to come?

Starting with Show #7, promotional messages for the weekly release and any additional notes to listeners will be sent to a mailing list. drop a line to to be added (the awizard mailing list will be automatically subscribed).

Where are "The Difference" studios?

"The Difference" is recorded in a number of studios across the country, depending on TR's travel schedule. The bulk of the recording, including the artist interviews and most of the performances, is done at WXPN-FM in Philadelphia.

Is there a studio audience when live performances are recorded?

Generally, no. The performances take place in a very tiny studio on the third floor of the WXPN building. The size and the relative inaccessability of the studio prevents us from allowing any kind of audience for those particular recordings. We are, however, branching out into recording artists at some of their East Coast shows. David Byrne and Sonia Dada are two such artists. While we love the "live" feel of these recordings, I also love the ability we have to fine-tune performances in our studio to cater to the sound of the show.

Does TR actually do the artist interviews?

Not yet, though he may do so in future. The interviews are conducted by various members of "The Difference" and WXPN staff.

How far in advance are shows recorded?

Segments for shows are recorded whenever we have the opportunity to book an artist into our studio or take a field trip to a live show. Each episode is "mixed down" at our Philadelphia studio twelve days before the first date in that show's "air window." We then ship the completed show "master" to United Stations HQ in New York, where it is pressed to CD and packaged for distribution to affiliates. So, to answer your question, each show is completed 12 days before airing.

Will TR himself ever be featured?

Well, he's featured every week as host. He also selects some of the music you hear. Will his music be featured? Perhaps, especially once the new material he's working on is ready to hit radio. But nothing's official, and this is probably a decision for Todd to make.

I missed show #1...

Sadly, lots of people did. We rolled the show out very quietly to a handful of stations to test the waters. On the upside, we've been able to recycle some of the stuff from the first episode into later shows.

Will shows ever be rebroadcast?

That depends on arrangements between United Stations and the affiliates on a station-by-station basis. As I have nothing to do with that area, I can't give you an answer. I can tell you that our current production plans call for no repeats.

Is it possible to order copies?

Unfortunately, no. ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and every record company we work with would go crazy if we were to do so. Our licensing permits us to duplicate the material for distribution to stations, and stations' licensing permits them to broadcast the music. Of course, shows like ours that are distributed on CD have been known to make their way to the black market, but we don't condone that sort of thing. Besides, it doesn't even come in a jewel box!

A few other stations and shows have recently published compilation CD's of their exclusive performances. Since we retain those rights, we might eventually consider a special-edition "Difference" CD if the interest was there. We'll all have to wait and see.

Will there be distribution outside of the United States?

There are no current plans for distribution outside of the US.