Aug 29, 1996 10:44 PDT
toyohiko tejima
I'm a big Forbert fan.
I have all his official records(CD).
I went to see his concert naturally when he came to Japan in 1980 
I did the concert.
However, he is not coming to Japan from now on at that time.
I cannot see his performance and have very lonely time.
Then, I am requesting the tape which collects his concert.
Please introduce the person who realizes my hope.
I have a lot of performance tapes of DYLAN.
I hopes for the exchange of my collection tape and the tape of  
Someone must help me!


Bob Dylan and Steve Forbert

DAT and AUDIO trade page

Aug 29, 1996 11:06 PDT
alan (a.j.) lafleur
  Hi!  I was wondering if it is possible to get recordings of 'The 
Difference' particularly, I would like show number 46, as well as some 
others.  Do you have any idea how a person willing to sell his/her 
soul could get one or at least a portion of one?

Thanks a Ton!

Aug 29, 1996 14:27 PDT
Don Cooper
	I'd love to hear King Crimson on show #22. 

Sep 10, 1996 5:38 PDT
Brett Lanier
Loooking for tapes of interviews and performances of Julian Cope from
shows #56 and #49.

Sep 17, 1996 12:27 PDT
Brad Wright
Hello all,

I'm looking for a tape of "Inside" and "Flicker" by Patti Rothberg recorded live for the Difference (show #88).

Sep 18, 1996 3:29 PDT
David Brewer
I am interested in finding a "live, accoustic" performance by Todd of
"Cliche".  Anyone know where you can find this?  There also was an
early sort of "MTV Unplugged" featuring Todd playing accoustic guitar 
and singing a few songs and being interviewed.  I want this program.
Please if you have information let me know.

Sep 18, 1996 7:31 PDT
Deb Reiser
Hi...I'm looking for performances by the Indigo Girls. Specifically 
shows #5 and #45.

Sep 22, 1996 18:27 PDT
Anne Painter
I'm looking for a video of the Cleveland show a couple of days before 
new years(1996).Thanx

Sep 24, 1996 12:37 PDT
Tom Wilkinson
The Difference is no longer available in the Phx area,so I,m interested in getting ahold of any shows.

Oct 5, 1996 18:45 PDT
Cheryl Hahn
I don't know what I'm supposed to write here.. but I'm really 
interested in show 83-Indigo Girls & Todd; show 25-TR's Bday special, 
 And others, but I'm not too picky. :)


Oct 11, 1996 13:43 PDT
Kevin Mach

I would very much like to hear a show or 2 as I live in a BACK WOODS area(not really) south or Boston----north of Providence(two Todd towns!) that has of yet...not turned on to the Difference. Is there anybody out there? Can someone help me?

Kevin Mach

P.S. I am a DJ at WSMU University Of Mass. Dartmouth(i've asked but only for commercial radio!)

Thanx Again!

Oct 23, 1996 15:13 PDT
greta kranz
hello everyone!

being that the difference just recently began airing in my area (finally!) i am on a search for all the previous shows with live chris isaak recordings and/or interviews (i know there has been a few). i would greatly appreciate a response & am more than willing to work out a trade that will benefit us both... additionally i would like to get a hold of any shows with live recordings of the wallflowers (if there are any...)

thanks again, greta

Oct 23, 1996 15:18 PDT
hi again,
uhhh yeah that would be my post directly above that for some reason 
will not allow you to tab over far enough to find out what it was 
that i was requesting...allright here it is again: any and all shows 
w/ live recordings & or interviews with either chris isaak or the 

thank you one more time, greta

Oct 24, 1996 15:04 PDT
I made a bad thing: I lost a record 
which belongs to my sister. It was 
«Something/anything» from 
Todd Rundgren and we both 
miss it. 
What can I do? Help me!

Oct 25, 1996 13:53 PDT
I was wondering if anybody has a tape or transcript of either
show 47 or 92, if so, could you please e-mail me?

Oct 30, 1996 14:33 PDT
Griffith Davies
Looking for Robyn Hitchcock and just about anything else.  Please contact me.  Thanks!

Nov 5, 1996 20:58 PDT
I'm very interested in Shows 
#28 and 32 (apparently), 
that feature The Rembrandts.  
I'd love to know what they said 
in the interviews (if 
anything) because I know 
they're always quite funny and 
I'd also love to hear the 
recordings of the songs they 
did, live in the studio.  Thanks.

Nov 6, 1996 9:43 PDT
Kathleen Tweed
Just curious if you would be willing to help promote our exciting date 
on November 26 for Todd Rundgren at 4th and B in San Diego.. 

If there is anyway that we can help you let us know!


Nov 6, 1996 11:30 PDT
Ben Gott
I'm looking for any shows that FREEDY JOHNSTON appeared on...most 
especially show #51 (The Christmas Show), and shows 3, 48, 55, 91, 20 
and 60...Thanks!

Nov 12, 1996 20:46 PDT
Brad Wright
Hello again,

I didn't receive any replies on my previous request for a tape of the Patti Rothberg songs in show #88/96-36, so I'm asking again. Saw her live here in Indy and would love to have a copy of the live versions of "Flicker" and "Inside." (Also Counting Crows from the same show). I'm also looking for Fiona Apple + interview in #95/96-43, Rusted Root, Why Store and Wallflowers from #97/96-45, Jewel and Joan Osborne from #83/96-31, and Patty Larkin and Sarah McLachlan from #45/95-45. E-mail and we can negotiate.


Nov 14, 1996 2:28 PDT
richard liversedge
i was wondering if i could get a copy of the Alison Moyet appearences 
on the difference from anyone?  (Shows #10, 15, 22(38,91), 32) Was she 
ever interviewed on the show?  i do a yazoo web page and i am working 
on an alison moyet web page at the present time.  i would be thankful 
to any one who could copy these bits or at least her version of 
the beatles' "Norwegian Wood" as it is the only Alf song i do not 

Thank You, richard, san jose CA


Nov 21, 1996 19:19 PDT
Walt Mueller
Hi, I am interested in any of the BoDeans appearances on the show, and 
also the Christmas '95 show. Any information on where these can be 
obtained would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Nov 25, 1996 11:27 PDT
Dave Persails

I'm looking for a tape copy of Pat DiNizio's (Smithereens) performance of "Blue Period" for The Difference show, #83. (#96-31/83)

I have Smithereens, Beatles to trade.



Apr 19, 1997 4:17 PDT
edwin mccain from back in 1995--he performed solitude and another live, acoustic

Apr 19, 1997 4:22 PDT
if anyone taped the edwin mccain show from back in 1995--he performed solitude and another live, acoustic--please contact me.  i'll be FOREVER grateful, and i'm willing to pay postage costs and send a tape.  thanks,  jenn

Apr 21, 1997 23:57 PDT
Need info on obtaining show #46 and 52.  

Apr 22, 1997 0:03 PDT
Any kindred spirits out there willing to help another soul in getting show #46 and 52 (1995) Featuring the Scottish folk-funk hunk Francis Dunnery.   The favor will be greatly rewarded.

thanks a zillion, Tricia

Jun 6, 1997 8:34 PDT
Max E.

Are there any regular tapers of the great, the incredible, The Difference radio program out there? I'm looking for the appearances by Sonny landreth, King Crimson and others. I have lots to swap (no $$ exhanged) in local San Francisco broadcasts.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Jul 16, 1997 13:01 PDT
lee lawrence sullivan

I collect Todd, Neil Young, Jackson Browne, the Band, Eagles, Dylan, Dead etc.


Jul 18, 1997 23:25 PDT
Jason Beebe
I am seeking episode #119 in particular the Alison Krauss portion.

Aug 1, 1997 18:55 PDT
gabriel trujillo
anything on everything but the girl fom 'the diffrence" desperately wanted.

Sep 4, 1997 19:50 PDT
kyosuke yuasa
hi!  I'm from  japan!!

Oct 6, 1997 18:25 PDT
Rodion Steshenko
I have a lot of live tapes to trade and am looking for any live 
performances by the Counting Crows, Cracker, Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt, 
or Wilco.  Thanks.

Oct 11, 1997 5:51 PDT
Koji Tanimura
I'm looking for show #136. I need any radio live of World Party.

Oct 11, 1997 6:17 PDT
Koji Tanimura
I'm looking for show #136. I need any radio live of World Party. Trade 
with me!

Nov 4, 1997 14:25 PDT
edwin blake brietz
i dont have much to trade and i have never heard of the show or heard 
it. all i would like is episode #138 w/ Kim Richey.
i am a huge fan of hers and would give cash money for a
quality recording. also anything by garth brooks or OASIS
would be accepted. 
Visit me at
or at just /2470/
Have a great day!

Nov 18, 1997 14:00 PDT
Andrew Johnstone
Looking for a copy of any of the Julian Cope appearances on The 
Difference. The show numbers were 87, 49, 52 and 56. Can anyone out 
there help me? I have lots of Cope stuff to exchange if anyone is 
interested. Check out my copelist:

Dec 7, 1997 13:02 PDT
What a great program!  I'm sorry to have missed it when it was
broadcasting.  Would love to obtain recordings of any shows with
Michael Penn, Aimee Mann, Natalie Merchant, or Lisa Loeb.
Show #s: 34, 62, 93, 116, 122, 133, 138, 139, 136.  I do not have
anything to trade but would be willing to pay $$.

Dec 25, 1997 1:13 PDT
kyosuke yuasa
hello there.
i'm ready to spend many cash!!(joking)

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