Merry Christmas 2007 and Happy New Year 2008!

While another year of non-events was expected for 2007, we managed to have a year loaded with ups and downs. On Christmas Day, 2006, an emergency trip to the Vet was needed to treat our cat Midnight, who lost the use of his leg all of a sudden due to a traveling blood clot. After diagnosis and care, his leg was restored and he really seemed to show additional appreciation for his special treatment. Unfortunately, on Memorial Day, just five months later, he suddenly died, probably in a similar blood clot/heart attack incident. He was a good pet for 11 years.

But Midnight was not the only loss during the year. Roger's Aunt Ardis and Great-Aunt Helen, Cece's brother Mike, family friend and former pastor's wife Vi, Roger's co-workers Cheryl and Ted and Roger's former employer Elaine all passed during the year. May all of their families find peace in their time of loss.

At the end of January, Roger left his position as Church Musician at Calvary in Rio Linda to seek out, with Cece, a new Church home. They landed at Ascension Lutheran Church for a few months, with Roger in the Praise Band, but as of this writing, they are once again looking for a home church. They've enjoyed visiting many churches during the year and each week brings a new adventure.

During the year Cece and Roger made a few short trips and participated in fun activities, including Oroville to see the Beatles Tribute Rain; Cache Creek with Matt and Katherine; a trip on the Sacramento River Train and a delightful breakfast; a weekend trip to Redding to visit with Cece's sister LaRue and brother Rick, visiting from Idaho; an eight-week marriage enrichment class which involved going out to dinner to a new restaurant every Sunday evening; celebrated Roger's mother's 75th birthday; went to Davis to see the musical "Tommy" and to a small theater in Sacramento to see "Tom Sawyer"; went to a CD release party and concert for up-and-coming artist Adrian Bourgeois; and capped off the year with an October trip to Safari West wild animal park in Santa Rosa, a December sailing trip on San Francisco Bay and Christmas concerts from Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Mannheim Steamroller.

But it wasn't all travel, either. Roger and Cece painted and remodeled their "computer room" and ridded themselves of the Brick and Plank bookshelves that have served them since the '70s. They replaced them with a new IKEA bookshelf and also bought a new computer desk. Overall, a immense improvement. Then, with the remainder of the lower portion of the house needing painting, they decided to hire it out, taking bids for a couple of months until the right offer came through. With a new paint job came new flooring as well. Add some new furniture and the whole place is transformed! And, finally honoring a pre-marital vow, they made their first batch of homemade root beer, 31 years later.

Roger continued participating in Toastmasters and has presented a total of eight speeches, served as Toastmaster for three meetings, led Table Topics multiple times and acted as Vice President Membership for his club for the year. In January, he assumes the duties of Club President. He was presented an award by BloodSource for over 100 donations. He helped conduct a class about the TV program "Lutherans Alive!" and continued duties as Conference Communicator for the Sacramento Conference of Lutheran Churches. In November he joined a Playwright's Group and participated in a reading of his 30+ year old play "Only Golden Fingers Could Play So Heavy" in hopes that it will see production in a local repertory theater. And to dust off his acting chops, he portrayed "Toto" in a Wizard of Oz-inspired play at work, where he stole the show.

Cece doesn't sit around all day either. In addition to her ten years working at Wilson Riles Middle School (formerly Center Junior High) she played Bunco with a group of friends monthly, walked in several fundraiser walks, attended several baby showers and daughter-in-law's Southern Living parties and exercises five days a week at Curves, where she was the first client to exceed 1000 visits since it opened. She continues to collect Barbies and set up a glass display case this year for her vast angel collection.

Brad was also busy, mostly with work at his job as cook at Dry Creek Station, a steak and seafood restaurant and bar in Rio Linda. He's known there as "Bubba," nicknamed by the bartender who is like an older sister to him. He works five nights a week, and often doesn't get home until 3 AM. Two nights a week he helps at the bar and sings karaoke. Sometimes days go by without Cece or Roger seeing him, even though he lives in the same house! He did manage to take a few side trips along the way and has been known to travel to Reno, Cache Creek, Thunder Valley and Corning on more than one occasion.

So, if you happen to hear one of us mutter "we have a boring life" while shopping for groceries on a Friday night, don't believe it! We manage to keep pretty busy.

Best wishes to all from Roger, Cece and Brad Linder.