8. This Blue House

by Larry Tagg

Another autobiographical song, except that the house wasn't really blue, it was a faded green. (Blue had to be the color of the house in the song, see, to fit the mood.) The "framing story"--driving down the old street--is inspired by a Dorothy Parker story, written in the 30's.

My dad used to "collect" first lines, like "Call me Ishmael," from Moby Dick, and "None of them knew the color of the sky," from "The Open Boat." "Next time let's go around the long way," is for my dad.

Next time let's go around the long way
'Cause I don't like driving down this street
I used to live in this house here
With a girl . . . well, I'll just call her "Bittersweet"
All the places I felt happy then seem cruel now
Please, please drive me away from
	This blue house
	We were in love here, and we loved this blue house
Faster, drive faster can't you please
There's a trick in the sound of the wheels
I thought I heard her voice
The way she used to say she loved our life here
And the walls would come tumbling down before our love would disappear
Only places I felt sorrow then seem kind to me now
Please drive me away from
	This blue house
	We were loved here, and we loved this blue house
Then one day she needed time away, she said
She said, "Of course I'll be back--
What can you be thinking of?"
Me and our black dog, we stayed home and waited and waited
Is there any such thing as a natural death when you talk about love?
Larry -- lead & harmony vocals, bass, keyboards, and drum program
Lance Taber -- guitars
Cory Fite -- drum program

Recorded at:
Cory's house by Cory Fite

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