9. Palm of My Baby's Hand

by Larry Tagg

This song follows on a theme I've come back to a few times, like in "Mutual Surrender." I don't remember much about writing it, except that I felt like I got lucky in the chorus--the chords I needed came into my hands.

Maybe this is the task of love:
Raising my hands and giving myself up
Something's lost but something's gained
If you call it by its name

I have tried to get my way
With nothing to show but an empty night at the end of the day
So you lose it all anyway
There's a thing gets me so much higher
When I lay myself beside her
	I put myself in the palm of my baby's hand
	I put myself under her thumb
Larry -- lead & harmony vocals, bass, keyboards, and drum program
Steve Menconi -- guitars
Cory Fite -- piano solo and drum program

Recorded at:
Cory's house by Cory Fite

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