10. It's Like I Never Learned a Thing

by Larry Tagg

This song is a personal favorite of mine, written about a favorite woman. It gets up a good head of steam--when I listen to it, I can still see the "hair all hanging down."

I know what happens when I tremble like this
'Cause I've seen the ending
And I know the hurting in the goodbye kiss
And the time it takes to mend it
But all those tears don't mean a thing to me this time
'Cause now that I've met you
	It's like I never learned a thing
I know how empty a quiet room can be
After love has left it
And I know the chances for fidelity
And all the ways you're tempted
But all my fears don't mean a thing to me this time
'Cause when I look at you
	It's like I never learned a thing
		I see you in profile with your hair all hanging down
		Then you turn and kiss me
		The things I thought I'd lost I've found in you now
Larry -- lead vocal, harmony vocals, and bass
Lyle Workman -- guitars
Michael Urbano -- drums

Recorded at:
Enharmonik Studio by John Baccigaluppi, and
Cory's house by Cory Fite

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