11. Burning My Rowboat

by Larry Tagg

One day on the Bourgeois Tagg tour bus, Brent got out a notebook and started writing stuff in it. Worrying that I was falling behind, I got out my notebook and started writing in it, too, while the miles slid past. "Burning My Rowboat" was the song I started. It was a song to my fianceé, a song about commitment. It was meant to be for the Bourgeois Tagg third album, but it never got past this demo.

There is another recording of this one. A remarkable singer named Maura O'Connell covered this song on her "A Real Life Story" album, and did a beautiful job of it. I can get teary listening to her version.

I started a fire in my old rowboat
I want to stay on shore with you
I 've broken the oars into kindling wood
So I can't row away from you like I used to do
	Some days I know I belong right here
	Some days it's not big enough for both of us
	Some days there are beautiful ships that come into view
	But I'm burning my old rowboat
	Oh, won't you please burn your rowboat, too?
You pretend not to notice when I say my "forevers" and "completelys"
You pretend not to hear me when I say my "I love yous"
You think the first time I hear some siren singing sweetly
That I'll just row away from you like I used to do
		I saw a painted paradise on a painted ocean
		And it didn't look very much at all like the place I've chosen
		But that's what makes Shangri-La Shangri-La--
		It's only good as a painted notion
Larry -- lead vocal and bass
Brent Bourgeois -- harmony vocal and keyboards
Lyle Workman -- guitars
Michael Urbano -- drum program

Recorded at:
Brent's house by Brent Bourgeois

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