12. Oh, Pollyanna

by Larry Tagg and Lyle Workman

If the truth be told, the Hall and Oates stint was a depressing experience. At a low ebb on the road, I wrote this mournful tune.

I had wanted to write a bitter song to "Pollyanna" for a long time, however. Pollyanna is really me--I was born with an unrelentingly optimistic disposition, which I can't shake despite all the evidence.

Oh, Pollyanna
Things aren't like you say
Oh, Pollyanna
Things just don't always turn out okay
Listen, do you hear that siren scream?
Well there, you see
Everybody's hurting, it's not just me

Oh, Pollyanna
You should change your tune
Oh, Pollyanna
Things just don't go like you want them to
Do you see that man sleeping on the stair?
He's living there
Everybody's wanting, it's not just me
	I notice that you're always playing your music too loud
	Are you trying to keep your mind off something, somehow?
Pollyanna's going to live her life in a rose-colored bubble
Pollyanna's going to look the other way when trouble comes
Listen, do you hear that baby cry?
Her momma's always out all night
Everybody's crying, it's not just me
Larry -- lead & harmony vocals, bass, and keyboards
Lyle Workman -- guitars
Prairie Prince -- drums

Recorded at:
Prairie Sun Studio by Mooka

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