By Larry Tagg, John Clifforth, and Shep Solomon

This song has been recorded more than any song I've ever written. The present count stands at three, besides me: Eddie Money (the first single off his last album), Brian Duncan (who tinkered with the lyrics and turned it into a #1 Christian Contemporary hit), and, lately Cliff Richard, the "British Elvis," who is including it on his next international release (he's already sold 200 million albums since the late 50's). It also introduced me to somebody who became a great friend, co-writer John Clifforth, an Australian physician with a mordant wit whom I never get tired of hanging out with. He's presently back in Perth, Australia playing in a band called The Largest Living Things with ex-Crowded House drummer Paul Hester.

Love Ride 7 convened at Cory's house one Saturday afternoon and recorded my version.

I can't tell the future
But I don't care
Cause when I lie beside you
It's enough that you're there
Lying on our backs and falling in love
But what about tomorrow
What about the next day
What about the day after
The day after that, baby?
	What about after this love's gone?
	Is there a bigger love coming on?
	Is there a place in your heart for me?
	Is there a chance that we can see
	After this love is gone?
If love was money, we're spending it
Like a millionaire might
But there will come a time when
Love is harder to come by
If we come to our senses will we still be in love? . . . 
		Everything that goes up comes down, eventually
		And nothing ever lasted forever
		Or did it?
		Or did it just get better
Let's love each other now, baby
Here's what I say
Just save a little strength, 'cause
Here comes that rainy day . . . 
Lance Taber -- guitars
Bruce Spencer -- drums
Cory Fite -- harmony vocal
Larry Tagg -- lead and harmony vocals, bass, and keyboards
Recorded at Cory's house by Cory Fite, and
David's mom's garage by David Houston
Mixed by David Houston

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