By Larry Tagg

This is a song I started when Brent, Lyle, and I worked together for a few weeks. The opening lyrics were inspired by a catastrophic flood that was in the news at the time. Once the title occurred to me, the rest of the lyrics flowed naturally. Play this at my funeral.

Have you seen the river rise?
Every time the levee breaks
Nothing is left for miles
Have you seen the wind blow?
Everything that's standing
Can be gone tomorrow
	What will survive?
	What will survive?
	I think I see it in the children's eyes
	What will survive?
Have you seen the desert sand?
Give it enough time
And the pyramids will be level land
Have you heard the drums of war?
They beat for all the mighty empires
That are no more
	What will survive?
	What will survive?
	How can we keep the unbroken line?
	What will survive?
		Work all day for your pocketful of tin
		But then come home soon
		It's there that you're going to leave
		What's going to be left of you
So sing all your lullabyes
Sing them all like every one
Is your last goodbye
So the little ones will hear your voice
When it's their turn to sing
To their little girls and boys
	What will survive?
	What will survive?
	It's the love that we are keeping alive 
	What will survive . . .
Lance Taber -- guitars
Larry Tagg -- lead and harmony vocals, bass, keyboards, and drum program
Recorded at Cory's house by Cory Fite, and
David's mom's garage by David Houston
Mixed by Cory Fite

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