True Love

Thought - June 15, 2006

If you Google the phrase "true love" you will find over 17,000,000 entries. This is one story of true love.

They first met when she was a mere girl of twelve and he a skinny lad of fifteen. There were no sparks, and while friends jokingly suggested that they get together, he would have none of it. But as time progressed, her continued presence in his life revealed his true feelings for her. At the time, she was sworn to another, but it was not true love, and that relationship ended. On his twentieth birthday, she surprised him with a kiss, and soon they were dating, and true love blossomed. They married, raised a family and enjoyed many adventures together.

On Monday, she entered the hospital for a routine procedure. Although the procedure was successful and trouble free, the recovery was complicated by extreme pain and a return trip to the hospital. While doctors administered additional medication, he held her hand, and spoke comforting words to her until the pain subsided and she was released to go home.

Then when he fell deathly ill the following evening, well it was really just a cold and a low fever, she cared for him even in her own time of recovery. That's true love.

Now she's fine, and I'm fine, for I didn't Google this story of true love, I lived it.

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