5. This is How You Make a Fire

by Larry Tagg

I was fascinated with the idea of writing a song that meant exactly what it said and no more, completely devoid of symbolism or message. I determined that it should be a "how-to" song. I was inspired by a song that Bourgeois Tagg had done in our bar band days by Charlie Peacock--called "Hiring a Worker"--a song similarly unburdened by philosophy.

Well, I couldn't really pull it off. Writing the first verse and chorus I held firmly to my resolve, but then I broke down and wrote a sexual second verse and an overview of world revolution for a third verse. Maybe some day I'll have the discipline to behave.

You're in the dark
And the heat is off
You want to strike a torch
Against the night
And keep things you fear
So they're not too close
This is how--this is how you make a fire

Find yourself something dry to burn
Collect a beam of light in one bright spot
Don't be surprised if it doesn't take too long
Very soon it will be very hot
This is how--how you make a fire:
	Take a little match
	Make a little scratch
	Get a little spark
	Glowing in the dark
	Burn a little higher
	Then a little higher
	This is how you make a fire
You can rub two limbs together
Rub them fast enough to feel the friction
Making heat doesn't take too long
If you don't get any contradiction
		You don't need no gasoline
		Stay away from things you want to keep
For all the people out in the cold
Who have suffered through a long, dark night
If they find a man who holds a candle
And he has a vision and a guiding light
Larry -- lead & harmony vocals, bass, and keyboards
Lyle Workman -- guitars
Michael Urbano -- drums

Recorded at:
Moon Studio by David Houston

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